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Rene Johnson ( in memory )

D.J. Rene Johnson was a long time with Discoline Radio. We always called him Mr. Italo. Rene was all about Italo music. He collected all artists, all labels, many records and 12" etc. The Rene Johnson mixes were Italo mixes.
He also liked the Disco sound but Italo was this favourite.
In the past the Discoline station was housed with Rene. He took care of the 'health' of the station and made sure that the programs were received and added into the broadcasting schedule.

We will miss him as one of the 3 'of the original' DJ's of Discoline Radio. That's why we have decided to collect all Rene's programs with his wife and made sure that all he created in all the Discoline years will be broadcasted on our station.
We also have added the funeral card that was send out to all people who were invited, due to the COVID-19 this was a very small group, but we gave Rene a very nice 'Italo' funeral.
We cannot give you all the details since that is restricted according the privacy rules.
We hope Rene's music will stay with us for many to come. Rest in peace Italo friend!

Discoline DJ's Perry Scott and masterA