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MasterA started his DJ career in the later part of the 70’s. In those days MasterA was DJ on a radio station in the Netherlands called Radio Kiss FM. Radio Kiss FM was in the 70s a famous disco radio station in California. Back then this was illegal since you were not allowed to broadcast if you did not have a licence but there were a lot of pirate radio stations back then.

MasterA also had a drive-in Disco in the 70’s and early 80’s with a few friends where we did the music for parties and weddings. But then other important things came into his life so that his hobby and the love for music was moved to the background but the love for music and especially Disco and Italo did never disappear.

Then for a long time MasterA only collected music and made some mixes but got involved in DJ work again when he joined Discoline Radio in 2003. Since then MasterA makes 12-24 new mixes every year and this will increase as soon as he has more time to spend on music, which is next to cycling his greatest hobby.