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In 2002 Perry Scott started an internet radio station with the name 'Discoline Radio'. In those days the internet was not so well known and used as it is now. Discoline Radio was one of the pioneers on the internet with 24-7 non-stop disco music.

After a few years Rene Johnson and MasterA joined the station as well. Also a few 'guests' DJ's made some programs for the station.

Discoline Radio was mainly broadcasting Disco music (DJ Perry Scott and MasterA) and Italo music (DJ Rene Johnson).

We had programs like Perry Scott's Disco vibes, MasterA mini-mixes and specials on artists and Rene Johnson's Fantasy Mixes. Later on, we also created non-stop mixes where we combined Disco and Italo.

When the internet improved, we switched to better quality (one of our main goals was to broadcast in CD quality (320Kbps) and with the current internet speed and bandwidth it is now possible.

This year we have launched our new internet site which is totally up to date and will give you a good look and feel of the professional approach Discoline Radio is famous of.

Our main music stream will remain Disco and Italo (1975-1984) but we also will introduce in 2021some new related music streams like HiNRG, Italo House, Nu-Disco and Italo New Generation for some hours per week.

Unfortunately, in 2020 DJ Rene Johnson at the age of 54 died due a heart attack and we will miss him a lot not only for his Italo mixes but also his always positive look at the world... we never saw him having a bad humour.

We hope that it will be fun to listen to Discoline Radio and that you will give us some feedback on the programs, quality etc.

Also it would be fun to know what is your favourite Disco/Italo song or what you think is the first Disco song ever (Rock Your Baby?), Italo (Go Away Little Girl?) or is it even possible to find a ‘First Song’ since music is involving during time…

Take care

Perry Scott and MasterA (owners of Discoline Radio)