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MasterA goes (New)Italo

After a year of the History of Disco we wanted to tryout something new. We could do the old Italo records but the last years a lot of big and small labels started to press again 12 Inches of old Italo hits of the 80's. 

Some labels only press the old 12 Inch, some labels press an old Italo song of the 80's and also create a new remix. Some labels create a complete new Italo records with the sound of the 80's. We also have labels that create completely new Italo music.

The new program will run 2 weeks in a row and after that a new program will be put online since not everyone is able to listen each week.

Below a (incomplete) list of labels that will be played in the coming year.

  • ZYX records - One of the largest labels (they bought Discomagic records) and have a lot of 12 Inches

  • I Venti D'Azzurro Records: with sub-labels a.o. Delivery Records and I.D. Limited

  • Flashback Records: with sub-labels a.o. Rebirth Records and Wishing Well Records

  • Mordisco Records

  • Beach Club Records (most online sales via Bandcamp)

  • Disco Segreta

  • Blanco Y Negro

  • Around My Dream Records

  • Maxi Music

  • SP Records

  • and many more

We hope you like this new program and give us some feedback if you have a special request.